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AQ Essential Oils Pack - PROTECTION PACK

AQ Essential Oils Pack - PROTECTION PACK

Starter kit for household protection from germs and bacteria, & immune support

AQ Essential Oils Pack - PROTECTION PACK

The first of our SEASONAL BOXES touches on a theme that effects everybody: personal & household PROTECTION against germs, bugs and viruses.

Natural therapies like Aromatherapy can be at their very best when it comes to fighting the spread of bacteria and microbes, as well as supporting the immune system. 

This kit includes three AQ PURE BLENDS for defending against colds & flu, helping to relieve symptoms if you do catch something, and for disinfecting the home environment. There are also two AQ PREMIUM PURE ESSENTIAL OILS best known for their anti-bacterial and anti-viral benefits.

As well as the five bottles of oils, we also include a bundle of accessories to begin using your oils straight away - in room sprays, inhaler sticks or even an aroma pendant; plus some anti-microbial cleaning products to help keep those germs gone - and plenty of info and tips for even the beginner to follow.

Everything is also available separately - to top up your collection or create your own personalised pack, visit our Aromatherapy section.



Containing natural essential oils that are known to be antiviral, antiseptic, antimicrobial and immune-boosting, using this blend in an aroma pendant or diffuser can help ward off colds and flu, and assist with fighting germs and viruses that might be lurking - before they hit you. Containing pure essential oils like Niaouli, Lemon, Rosemary, Tea Tree and soothing Lavender, our Defence blend has a pleasant, natural medicinal scent with a fresh 'lemony' overtone.

Aromatherapy is excellent for treating respiratory issues involved with colds and flu, and our COLD & FLU RELIEF Essential Oil Blend contains natural essential oils that are known to be antiseptic and antiviral, as well as decongestant and expectorant, to assist with relieving symptoms and help with breathing difficulties. Great in an inhaler stick or diffuser.

* PROTECT & DISINFECT BLEND 10ml - Antibacterial & Antiviral
Based on the centuries-old story of a group of thieves who robbed the dead or sick during a plague outbreak in Europe - the thieves offered to share the herbal recipe they had been using to avoid catching the disease themselves , with the judge. 'Four Thieves Vinegar' and similar blends have been used ever since as medicine or a preventative treatment against disease and sickness.

Our PROTECT & DISINFECT Blend contains pure essential oils of Clove Bud, Cinnamon Bark, Dalmatian Sage, Oregano, Eucalyptus Radiata and Rosemary - oils known to have both anti-bacterial & anti-viral properties, as well as help remedy respiratory illnesses. The blend can be used for both protection and treatment, as well as cleaning and disinfecting your home - perfect in an anti-bacterial room spray or in with your cleaning products.

* TEA TREE AUSTRALIAN PURE ESSENTIAL OIL 10ml - Antimicrobial & Antiviral, Immune Boosting
Tea Tree oil has two outstanding properties: it is active against all three categories of infectious organisms (bacteria, virus and fungi), and it is a very effective immuno-stimulant - it helps increase the body's ability to respond to threats from these organisms. Tea Tree makes a marvellous addition to any first aid kit - use it to wash out dirty wounds, apply to skin lesions, swab fungicidal outbreaks such as athlete's foot, inhale for nasal congestion, or use as a massage oil for muscular aches and pains. Combine with Lavender to treat pimples and acne, add to a shampoo to treat dandruff, apply a drop of neat oil to insect bites, or add to cleaning products.

* LEMON PREMIUM PURE ESSENTIAL OIL - Disinfectant, Antimicrobial & Antibacterial
Lemon oil is highly prized as an antiseptic, and counteracts acidity in the body so is useful in treating conditions such as gout, arthritis and cellulite. In skincare, Lemon oil is astringent and can be used in cleansers for oily skin. When used in CHEMICAL-FREE CLEANING Lemon makes an excellent anti-viral oil for disinfecting, making it one of the most commonly used oils in natural cleaning, with its beautiful clean, fresh scent. It's also a stain remover, great for breaking up grease or sticky residue when added to your cleaning products (try using a few drops on a tissue or cloth to remove stickers or glue from glass; take care using on plastic etc as Lemon can be a solvent). Lemon is also known as a spider & insect repellent.


* FIVE INHALER STICKS - just add a few drops to the wick for an instant portable inhaler that will fit in a pocket, bag or drawer.

* TWO 125ml COBALT PET SPRAY BOTTLES and a 25ml BOTTLE OF SOLUBILISER - ready to make your own disinfectant room sprays

* An AROMA PENDANT with spare pads - add a few drops to the pad to wear your anti-germ oils whenever you head out

* BAMBOO FIBRE CLEANING CLOTH - bamboo fibre textiles are believed to be naturally antibacterial so are less likely to harbour festy germs. Just toss into the washing machine and allow to naturally dry to re-use, over and over.

* SILICONE MAGIC SCRUBBER - quick drying and hygienic, non absorbent so won't absorb germs and bacteria. Hundreds of soft silicone micro-fingers work gently with a minimum of detergent or cleaning product. Can be sterilised in boiled water, or washed in your dishwasher. Can also be used to scrub produce, as a trivet or as a grip for hot items.

* PLENTY OF INFO & TIPS CARDS on using your oils for natural cleaning, aroma jewellery, inhalers & sprays - even if you've never used essential oils before.

Visit our LEARN MORE pages for easy to understand information pages covering everything you need to know to get started in the beautiful world of Aromatherapy, and how to use your oils. Plenty of accessories packs, along with over 100 different pure oils and oil blends, can be found in our Aromatherapy section.