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Incense Burner - CENSER, BLACK PATTERNED with Lid

Incense Burner - CENSER, BLACK PATTERNED with Lid

Suits charcoal resin incense, incense cones, or as a smudging pot

Incense Burner - CENSER, BLACK PATTERNED with Lid

BLACK PATTERNED BRASS CENSER, or CHARCOAL INCENSE BURNER, suitable for burning self-igniting charcoal discs for use with resin or wood incense, or can also be used as a smudging pot or to burn incense cones.

These unique brass censers have a black finish which has been etched by hand in patterns over the entire base and lid, to reveal gold-coloured brass beneath. The base section is the perfect size for burning charcoal tablets for resin incense, or has a flat section suitable for burning incense cones. The removable lid features a series of round holes which will allow air to circulate during burning, and the smoke to escape into your space (can also be used without the lid on). A small black timber coaster is included to protect the surface below from the heat of the metal during use.

Size is approx 8.5cm diameter at the widest, and approx 9.5cm in height from the base to the spire of the lid (approx 5.5cm without lid). 

To burn charcoal tablets, place your charcoal in the base (we recommend using TONGS to handle your charcoal for best access, due to the height of the censer), and add your resin on top of the charcoal disc once lit (see below for instructions). Replace the lid to allow the smoke to escape during use. 

TIP: Try burning your charcoal on a bed of damp sand or earth inside the base, to stop the censer from heating up too much.

HANDMADE METAL INCENSE BURNERS: As many of our metal incense burners are handmade in small batches, they can sometimes have small imperfections or irregularities which is part of what makes them special and unique. They are NOT mass produced and so any minor cosmetic imperfections are standard. We try to picture the typical burner in the images shown.

NEVER use water to extinguish charcoal in a metal burner. Metal expands when hot and contracts when cold: if a very hot metal censer or screen has water put on it (even hot water) it will cause a sudden shrinkage of the metal which may result in irreparable damage to your burner (eg the wires to snap or the metal to crack). Do not use water in your censer, or put it under a tap to put your charcoal out - we instead recommend allowing the tablet to go out naturally and turn to ash, then dispose of the ash once cooled. We are not able to replace damaged burners that show evidence of being used incorrectly.



Resin incense has been used since Biblical days. It is the purest form of incense: natural gums, resins, wood chips and herbs from aromatic plants, used either in pure pellets or in a pre-mixed blend, and warmed with heat (usually charcoal disks / tablets) to emit their fragrance through aromatic smoke.

We specialise in resins and stock dozens of different pure gums and blends in the most divine natural scents to suit every taste. If you enjoy standard stick incense, you are sure to enjoy resin incense.

CLICK HERE to see our easy-to-follow step-by-step guide on how to burn Resin Incense over self-igniting charcoal tablets.