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MIXED INCENSE GIFT PACK with Multipurpose Burner Box

MIXED INCENSE GIFT PACK with Multipurpose Burner Box

Timber burner box with packs of Tibetan Dhoop, Nepalese Rope and Japanese Morning Star incense

MIXED INCENSE GIFT PACK with Multipurpose Burner Box


The perfect gift or starter pack for anyone wanting to try some of the more unusual types of incense, this pack includes a selection of three different types of gorgeous incense in some of the most popular scents, as well as a handmade burner box suitable for burning all of the included incense, as well as standard sticks and cones - complete with storage tray.

Included in the pack are three full packs of incense:

* A roll of Tibetan Dhoop Sticks in Sandalwood scent. Handmade Tibetan Dhoop sticks are similar to standard sticks, except instead of compressing the ingredients around an inner bamboo stick, the ingredients are extruded into a neat spaghetti-like cylinder, then allowed to dry. Featuring complex blends of herbs, resins and botanicals, creating a rustic aroma that is much less 'perfumed' than the commercial incense many people are accustomed to. The healing formulas are traditional Tibetan medications for stress and tension that have been used for centuries, and are still prepared entirely by hand according to ancient Tibetan medical practices.

* A pack of Nepalese Rope Incense in Nag Champa scent. Rope Incense is one of the most unique incense types you're likely to come across, handmade in Nepal using traditional methods: dried herbs and other naturally scented botanicals are finely powdered and wrapped in a thin strip of hand-prepared Nepali lokta paper, which is then braided to form a rope-like dhoop stick, ready to burn.

* A 50-stick box of Japanese Morning Star sticks in Frankincense scent. Morning Star incense was created in the 1960's in Japan, and has been popular ever since. The wonderful fragrances in this collection, mixed with high quality ingredients, have made this incense a loved and trusted worldwide brand. The fragrances are calming - use anywhere to create a mood of tranquility to relax the spirit and the body.


* A Multipurpose Burner Box

This is a truly multi-purpose incense burner as not only does it cater for standard incense sticks and cones (not included), it is also suitable for some of the more unusual incense types such as the dhoop, rope and Japanese 'koh' we've included in this gift pack, which can all be burnt by lying them along the horizontal metal bars spaced along the lid of the box for full air circulation while burning. Ash will fall into the compartment below for easy cleaning afterwards. As with standard incense sticks, light your dhoop, rope or Japanese stick at one end until it's alight, then blow out the flame and lie your stick on the bars while it burns.

PLUS the box features a hinged full-length storage tray in the base that opens up to store your incense (much more convenient than other designs that have a 'hidden compartment' accessible only from one end). Keep your favourite incense types and even your matches or lighter handy along with your burner. Convenient and tidy! 

This burner box also features a longer burning section, with the horizontal bar section approx 21cm in total length so it can burn many longer types of sticks.

DIMENSIONS: The box is just over 30cm in length, approx 5cm deep and 6cm in height. Handmade in India from lightly stained & oiled timber with brass moon, stars and sun inlay (the inlay may have small imperfections as can be found on many handmade items - see the additional photos for an indication of the typical box). Being a handmade product, dimensions, staining, finish or timber texture may vary slightly - this is part of what makes handmade items so individual.

The box also suits:
* TRADITIONAL INDIAN STICKS with an inner bamboo skewer (not included) - burn up to two sticks at once by inserting the bamboo into one of the two holes drilled on either end of the burner lid. The ash will fall through the bars into the compartment below, which opens up for easy cleaning.

* INCENSE CONES (not included) - Open the hinged lid to reveal two metal burning plates suitable for cones up to approx 18mm in diameter. Burn up to two cones at once - leave the lid open while burning taller cones.

All items in the pack are also available separately if you'd like to put together your own kit.