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Resin Incense Kit D - PREMIUM KIT / GIFT PACK

Resin Incense Kit D - PREMIUM KIT / GIFT PACK

Gift/starter pack inc 8 premium resins, charcoal, etched censer, tongs

Resin Incense Kit D - PREMIUM KIT / GIFT PACK

AROMA QUEEN's Premium Charcoal Resin Incense Kit is our most advanced kit, with everything you need to get started burning resin incense, including instructions. The pack suits both the beginner incense lover, or someone who already loves their resin - and includes some of the best we have to offer, with stunning premium resins and stylish Etched Brass Screen Censer. Inclusions also cover tongs and charcoal to get you burning, 8 packs of premium quality resin incense and instructions.

If you'd like to choose your own accessories, purchase the PREMIUM RESIN SELECTION on its own, HERE.


* ETCHED BRASS SCREEN CHARCOAL INCENSE BURNER, or Censer with lid, screen and timber coaster for heat safety
* STAINLESS STEEL TONGS for safe handling of your charcoal
* CHARCOAL TABLETS - Four rolls of 10 SOEX 'QUICK LITE' tablets
* INSTRUCTION CARD with detailed instructions and safety notes on one side, and hints and tips to burning your incense on the reverse
* QUICKLINK CARD to our online tutorial on burning charcoal tablets for beginners
* EIGHT PACKS of premium quality natural resin incense / wood pieces:
- Benzoin Sumatra Resin 25g
- Frankincense Omani Najdi Grade 25g
- Myrrh Select Resin 25g
- Palo Santo Chips 15g
- Sandalwood Powder 15g
- Tibetan Meditation Powder 15g
- White Copal Resin Pieces 25g
- White Sage Leaves, Crushed 10g

As you only use a pinch of resin at a time, the resins included are sure to last you for quite a long time. All you need to add is matches or a lighter and you have everything to delve into the fascinating world of resin incense. These kits also make wonderful and unique gifts for somebody who already 'has everything', and as instructions are provided no prior knowledge of resins is required.



Resin incense has been used since Biblical days. It is the purest form of incense: natural gums, resins, wood chips and herbs from aromatic plants, used either in pure pellets or in a pre-mixed blend, and warmed with heat (usually charcoal disks / tablets) to emit their fragrance through aromatic smoke. Aroma Queen specialises in resins and stocks dozens of different pure gums and blends, in the most divine natural scents to suit every taste. If you enjoy standard stick incense, you are sure to enjoy resin incense.

CLICK HERE to see our easy-to-follow step-by-step guide on how to  burn Resin Incense.