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DIY Perfume Kit - OIL BASED

DIY Perfume Kit - OIL BASED

DIY Perfume Kit - OIL BASED, including Jojoba Australian oil, Roll-on Bottles and other tools. Simple instructions included

DIY Perfume Kit - OIL BASED


Have you ever wanted to make your own natural aromatherapy perfumes? It's as simple as adding 6 - 10 drops of your favourite essential oil (or oils - not included) to a roll-on bottle, then topping it up with Australian Jojoba oil, a gorgeous light oil (actually a wax!) that closely resembles the oil in your own skin, so it easily absorbs without being greasy.

Included in the pack are roll-on bottles and Jojoba oil, as well as other tools you won't want to be without, including a Bottle Tool for easy removal and insertion of rollerball mechanisms, as well as a funnel and pipettes. All you need to add are your own favourite natural essential oils (see the NOTE below).


* 50ml Jojoba Australian
* 4 x 10-15ml Clear Glass Roll-On Bottles
* An AQ Aromatherapy Bottle & Roll-On Tool
* 1 x Plastic Mini Funnel
* 2 x 3ml Plastic Pipettes
* Simple Instruction Card

To make additional roll-ons, or to put together your own kit, all items are also available separately, as well as a large range of roll-on bottles in varying sizes, colours and finishes. A WATER BASED DIY PERFUME KIT is also available listed separately, which includes atomiser bottles and Solubiliser.

Essential oils are NOT included in the pack - just purchase your oils separately from our store, or use pure essential oils that you already have in your collection. Bear in mind that some oils - mainly citrus - may cause PHOTOSENSITISATION, or sensitivity to UV light, and should not be applied to skin before exposure to the sun or sun lamps. These include: Angelica, Bergamot (unless 'Bergaptene Free'), Cumin, Lemon, Lime (unless 'Distilled' rather than 'Cold Pressed'), Orange & Verbena. Also avoid Peppermint and Cinnamon Bark, or any other oils known to cause dermal sensitisation.