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AQ Perfume Dropper Bottle - 10ml ROUNDED

AQ Perfume Dropper Bottle - 10ml ROUNDED

Perfume Dropper Bottle - Rounded PREMIUM Clear Glass & Silver, 10ml.

AQ Perfume Dropper Bottle - 10ml ROUNDED

Our PREMIUM Clear Glass & Silver Perfume Dropper Bottles are fabulous quality bottles perfect for your own water or oil-based perfume blends, Bach flower essences, or to decant your EDT sprays into smaller carry-around bottles for your purse, handbag or cargo pant pocket! Use the dropper attachment to apply directly to your skin (atomiser bottles also available - listed separately). See our separate listing for MINI FUNNELS, the perfect size for filling these small bottles.

The bottles are made from thick clear glass with rounded edges, and a quality silver metal cap with white dropper squeeze. Size is approx 10ml (bottle dimensions - 24mm width, 7mmm height inc cap).

Also available from the same range under separate listings - 8ml, 15ml and 100ml Premium atomiser bottles for water based perfumes or EDTs, or 8ml square shaped dropper bottles.

To make your own water or hydrosol based perfumes you can either add essential oils directly to the water, at a ratio of no more than 3%, and shake well each time you use the blend. Alternately, use a product called SOLUBILISER - a natural castor oil derivative that enables the water and oils to mix without the oils sitting in a slick on top. Just blend equal parts solubiliser and essential oil in the bottle, then add the water or hydrosol. Always remember to keep your essential oil blends out of direct sunlight.

To make your own oil based perfume blends generally add between 1 - 3% essential oils to a carrier oil such as jojoba, and remember to keep your blends out of direct sunlight. For a bottle this size (8ml) you'd use around 5 drops essential oil.


Perfume kits including bottles and instructions available listed separately.