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Cap - METAL, 24mm


Caps to suit bottles with a 24mm rim size (not suitable for PET bottles)


24mm silver metal caps to suit bottles with a 24mm rim size (not suitable for PET bottles).

Our mix and match fittings are available to suit bottles in both 20mm or 24mm rim sizes - just choose the fitting to suit your bottle and needs. Please read descriptions carefully as some fittings do not suit certain types of bottles. Any fittings that come with tubing may be cut to fit.

In general, 20mm fittings suit some of our smaller bottles, in particular amber glass bottles smaller than 50ml in size. 24mm fittings suit many bottles 50ml and over, including PET and aluminium bottles. Read below to check that the fitting suits your type of bottle:

PLEASE NOTE our 100ml Amber Glass Bottles DO NOT take fittings other than caps, and come with a bakelite cap as standard. Amber bottles purchased from other companies may also differ in size, as many come with non-standard 18mm or tamper proof rims and so may not suit our mix-and-match fittings.

Before ordering just check each bottle listing to be sure of the correct rim size (20mm or 24mm) then choose from the available fittings for that size:

* CAPS are available in a selection of colours, and made from bakelite or metal (24mm only). NOTE: our metal caps DO NOT suit PET bottles, and our bakelite caps do not suit our ALUMINIUM bottles. These bottles are supplied with the correct cap to suit.

* DROPPERS are made from glass with a plastic screw-on cap and nitrile teat, suitable for use with pure essential oils as the nitrile won't perish as easily as rubber. (Note - because of the volatile nature of essential oil, even these nitrile teats will still eventually degrade with use). These can be used as general purpose droppers, or can screw on to your bottles (25ml or larger) to create an air-tight seal.

* ATOMISERS are spray pumps, designed for misting water or alcohol based liquids. Great for perfumes, floral waters, spritzers, oil-and-water blends etc,

* LOTION PUMPS are for lightly viscous creams and lotions, and can also be used for oils. They come in a choice of finishes (24mm only). Please note, if your intended use is to team with a 24mm PET plastic bottle, choose the 'silver FOR PET' option rather than 'silver FOR GLASS' as they are designed slightly differently (PET bottles require 'rounded shoulder' pumps).

* SERUM PUMPS are great for dispensing oil or oil-based serums (try one on a bottle of rosehip oil for skincare! They dispense just the right amount at a time).

* DISC CAPS (24mm only) suit viscous liquids such as shampoo or conditioner, and have a press-down top that opens the dispenser to allow you to upend the bottle and squeeze out your product. These work with squeezable PET bottles only (125ml, 250ml, 500ml). NOTE: PET bottles smaller than 125ml tend to be quite rigid and so are not ideal for use with these caps.


If you're ever unsure of which fittings suit your bottles or needs, please just email us at - [email protected]. If you are purchasing to use with a bottle not purchased from us, please check with your supplier for exact details / rim sizing as we are unable to give recommendations for non-standard bottles.