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CLEARANCE: AQ Clay Mask Booster - RED CLAY

CLEARANCE: AQ Clay Mask Booster - RED CLAY

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Additive clay for use with lighter clay masks, for dehydrated / mature skin

CLEARANCE: AQ Clay Mask Booster - RED CLAY

Any bowl or accessories pictured are not included - your purchase is for a resealable pack of dry clay only.

SIZE CHOICES: Each resealable pack contains your choice of 125g or 500g of pure dry Australian powdered clay, free of toxins and naturally pure, suitable for use as an additive with clay face & body masks. Choose your size via the drop-down OPTIONS list near the top of the page, before adding it to your cart. Choosing no option will result in the default 125g size.


Deep Red Clay is an additive to be used in conjunction with lighter clays to boost your mask. As with Black clay, Deep Red clay may be prone to staining so it is recommended you use it by mixing the red clay with one of the lighter clays, such as white, at a ratio of about 10-20% - only a small amount of red clay is needed to add its benefits to your mask.

Deep red clay (inc Iron Oxide) is an oily clay with a gentle absorbent action, particularly good for dehydrated and mature skin - use as an additive booster for other clay colours, NOT as a mask on its own.


Australian active clays are rich in valuable minerals. One of the best skin cleansers available, a clay mask draws out toxins like a magnet. Face or body masks can help stimulate circulation, exfoliate and remove dead skin cells, absorb excess oil and impurities, and generally improve skin colour and tone.

Choose your clay colour to suit your skin type and condition:
Green or Kaolin for oily skin
Yellow as a general tonic for normal skin
Pink for mature skin or body masks
White for sensitive or young skin

TO PREPARE A FACE MASK: mix a teaspoon of dry clay with water or hydrosol (floral water) and apply to your damp face or body, allow to dry and enjoy the relaxing experience before rinsing clean. Used once a week (or twice for particularly oily or acne-prone skin), you will soon feel the difference.

NOTE: The volume for each clay differs greatly from one clay to the next, some colours being more dense and so weighing much more than others - and so some packs may appear more full than for other clays. Each pack is carefully weighed to ensure you receive the correct amount of clay.