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Classic Rose scent. Anti-depressant, anxiety, gynaecological uses, hydrating for skin


ROSE MAROC ABSOLUTE (Rosa centifolia) - Morocco,. Solvent extracted. Rosa centifolia oil is also known as Rose Maroc, French Rose, Attar of Rose or Rose Absolute.

What does 'Absolute' mean?

It's an oil that has been solvent extracted from the fresh flower petals of the hybrid 'rose de mai'. Solvent extraction produces a 'concrete' which is made up of fats, waxes, essential oils & other plant matter. The Absolute is then extracted from the concrete using ethanol (alcohol) as a solvent, which is removed before being bottled into the end product, a very strong scented Rose Oil.

One of the most prized aromatherapy oils, it takes up to 30 roses to produce just one drop of Rose oil, which is why it is more expensive than most. However being a very strong oil, you don't need to use much at a time.

Rose oil has a deep, rich, sweet, rosy-spicy, honeylike fragrance, and is generally agreed to be harmonising for the soul and spirit, anti-depressive, and may help ease sorrow or grief. It can open the heart and soothe anger, fear and anxiety.

It is also used for many gynaecological conditions, and in combination with Melissa oil can be used to treat Herpes zoster and Herpes simplex.

Rose oil has excellent emollient and hydrating properties which, along with stimulating and antiseptic properties, makes it ideal for skincare - especially for mature, dry or sensitive skin.

Rose oil is non-toxic, non-irritant and non-sensitising, but since it is an emmenogogue (promotes menstrual flow) it is best avoided during pregnancy.



Our very special Premium Essential Oils Range is for anyone who appreciates quality: top grade oil & plant species, sought after country of origin, as well as many unusual, exotic and hard to find oils - but without the 'luxe' pricetag. Since 2005 we have focused on sourcing the best quality oils - all Aroma Queen Essential Oils are 100% pure and undiluted single-source plant based oils with no additives, synthetics, fillers or preservatives.

We do NOT stock 'nature identical' or 'nature blend' oils, which are generally reconstituted concoctions of chemical ingredients similar to those found in a pure plant oil, and as such do not contain the same therapeutic qualities as pure oils - usually those are only good for scent.

Our oils come from the one plant type, from a single country of origin, as outlined at the top of each listing. The reason we are able to offer them at such great value is because we buy direct, and then sell directly to you - we are not part of a larger franchise where every level along the way needs to add a percentage in profit, and only sell via our website to avoid added costs. The result is high quality oil at the right price. CLICK HERE to see our full range of oils and aromatherapy accessories.


Many of our oils are available in a range of sizes, with our standard bottle being 10ml. Many precious oils are available in a 4ml vial, and some common oils are available in a 2ml sample vial, so you can directly compare them to other oils in your collection. Many oils are also listed in a bulk 50 or 100ml size - see the drop-down menu for each listing, and if you require a larger size just email us with your requirements - contact us at [email protected]

2ml Sample Vials - Amber Glass with Dripolator Insert
4ml Precious Vials - Blue Glass with Dropper Cap
10ml Standard Size - Blue Glass with Dripolator Insert
50ml Bulk Size - Amber Glass with Dripolator Insert
100ml Bulk Size - Amber Glass with Dripolator Insert

All bottles 10ml and larger also have a top ID label - a necessity for anyone with more than a few bottles in their collection.

If you're new to aromatherapy, or want to stock up on a few different oils, visit our AROMATHERAPY PACKS & KITS section for a range of mixed and starter packs.


While essential oils are a natural product, they are very concentrated and need to be treated with respect. As with any essential oils, Aroma Queen Premium oils -

* Must be diluted before application to skin
* Must NEVER be administered internally, unless specifically prescribed for your situation by a trained clinical aromatherapist
* Must always be kept out of reach of children.

Some oils must be avoided when pregnant, and others should not be applied to the skin before exposure to sunlight - even diluted. Read the top section of each individual oil listing for warnings and contra-indications on that oil.

Visit our LEARN MORE section for plenty of free, easy to understand information including a quick introduction to aromatherapy and full safety guidelines. Many of our kits also include keepable instructions and safety information - tips cards are also available HERE.

Always remember, Aromatherapy is intended to complement, not replace traditional medicine.