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Incense Burner - BURNER BOX (Plain)

Burner box suitable for Japanese, Tibetan, Dhoop sticks or Rope incense.

Incense Burner - BURNER BOX (Plain)

Any incense pictured with burner is NOT included.

Some of the more unusual incense types, such as Tibetan dhoop sticks, Rope Incense or Japanese Koh (eg Morning Star sticks) can be amazingly beautiful, but can be a little difficult to burn as they don't have an inner bamboo stick like traditional Indian incense, and so it's hard to find a purpose-made burner for them. This Burner Box is specially designed to burn any of those incense types: it has a simple, elegant timber design with horizontal metal bars set at regular intervals along the entire length, which means it can burn longer sticks up to approx 29.5cm in length. Just light your incense as usual, then lie the stick lengthways along the metal bars, which will allow the air to circulate around the stick while it burns. Being a 'box' design, the ash will fall through to the base below once it is spent - a clean and mess-free design compared to ash-catcher or plate designs. Allow the ash to cool before disposing (just invert the box to tip it out).

Dimensions of the box are approx 30cm in total length, 4.5cm width and 3.5cm height - the box can accommodate incense up to around 3cm wide (you could burn a couple of Japanese incense sticks at a time, for example). Handmade from beautifully finished & oiled timber. Being a handmade product, dimensions may vary slightly.

Suits incense up to 28.5cm in length:
* NEPALESE ROPE INCENSE - powdered botanicals and herbs rolled into traditional Nepalese lokta paper to form rope-like sticks.
* JAPANESE INCENSE STICKS (Koh) - delicate 'spaghetti'-like sticks which don't have an inner bamboo stick
* TIBETAN DHOOP STICKS or any other thick dhoop sticks, which don't have an inner bamboo stick

Incense not included - all types are available separately in our INCENSE section.