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AQ Smudge Stick - WHITE SAGE 22-24cm EXTRA LARGE

AQ Smudge Stick - WHITE SAGE 22-24cm EXTRA LARGE

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Popular Californian White Sage smudge sticks, our largest size

AQ Smudge Stick - WHITE SAGE 22-24cm EXTRA LARGE

* Choose from a single stick, or a discounted pack of three or ten sticks, before adding it to your cart.

* Sized at approx 22 - 24cm in length, around 4 -5cm in diameter, also available separately in 10 - 12cm size.

* See our DISCOVER pages to learn more about Smudging.

Our White Sage Smudge Sticks are grown in California, and don't use 'compressed' herbs or offcuts: the white sage is cut straight from the bush, hand-rolled and bound with twine, then allowed to dry. Our sticks are generally the 'long' variety which means the entire stick can be burned, compared to 'torch' style sticks which use thick twigs as a 'handle' that can't really be burned.

WHITE SAGE has been traditionally used to purify the mind, body and spirit before praying, to cleanse the atmosphere and disperse negativity - sage is believed by many to be a masculine plant that can reduce or eliminate negative energy; some place sage at doorways for protection against evil. Today, it can be used to purify homes, offices or other spaces; the smell of sage will remind you of the desert and the sacredness of life.

See our other listings for sticks in many other varieties of sage, cedar etc, as well as kits, abalone shells & more.

NOTE RE SIZE: Handmade natural products can vary in shape and size; some may have longer/shorter stems, or be slightly longer or thicker than others. The item you receive may look a little different to the one pictured, however all are made to the highest quality and generally within the size range outlined above.