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We aim to stock only the highest quality incense, which is why we choose NOT to offer many of the larger commercial incense brands, instead focussing on only the incense that passes our high standards.

All of the sticks in this section are made using the traditional MASALA method - a paste made from natural aromatic ingredients hand-rolled around a bamboo inner stick (rather than cheaper commercial sawdust sticks dipped in synthetic fragrances and chemicals).

* SATYA SAI BABA's blue Nag Champa packaging would have to be the most recognisable type of incense - they also offer a variety of other scents.
* GREEN TREE - A quality Dutch brand with Indian-style sticks.
* GOLOKA - A charity-based Indian company.
* NANDITA - Australian-owned Indian sticks.
* BALAJI - One of India's oldest incense makers.

See also our AUROSHIKHA section for ethically-made sticks and CONES.

NOTE RE ASTHMA: Like many other irritants, smoke from incense can irritate and cause asthma. If you are a known asthmatic please consider this before purchasing incense products.